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Many years ago, in a place far away, I was born the oldest of 4 children, and the only girl. The start of a grand adventure! Years later an unexpected gift of a manual SLR camera led to a love affair with light! A photographer was born.


On an Eagle Watch

We take time out of our busy lives for grand adventures with family and friends and sometimes my friends even step in as my tripod! Last year we I was lucky enough to see polar bears!

My partners in life are Mike, my husband who can fix absolutely anything and Kodiak, my fluffy white dog.

I love quirky Boho clothing, coffee, dogs of all kinds (but the bigger the better), wildflowers, the ocean, wildlife, travel, adventure and laughter. It is a good day when all this comes together in a fun photoshoot! 


Adventures abound, as I have lived in many places, including sub-Saharan Africa, Alaska, California to name a few. 

Polar Bears!
Mike, Me & Kodiak
In South Africa
In Costa Rica
In Sitka AK

Life is absolutely perfect on a cold winter day with a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate) in my hand, sitting with Mike and a fluffy white dog warming my toes.

I attempt to garden in our short Alaskan summers, and at times I even have some beginners luck! The raspberries were good this year. YUM!


When I am not out taking photos, we are walking the dog, visiting with friends and family, gardening or planning the next adventure. Laughter is the sound track we live by!

I would love to get to know you and share an adventure or two.

A Quiet Moment
Dog Walk

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